Student on laptop.

Your Connection

Penn State Housing provides an Internet connection and access to the Penn State Network for students living on campus. Housing also provides free computer service through ResCom for residents that need computer access and computer support.

Review the guidelines for campus computer usage.

Internet Connection

PSU wireless has been installed in all residence halls at University Park except White Course Family Apartments and at all CWC campus residence halls. The wireless networks are Enterprise level networks. Most devices can connect using Enterprise level security settings, but some older or home-only devices do not have the capability of connecting to a secured Enterprise wireless network. Gaming consoles, wireless printers, Chromecast, Apple TV, Windows Phones, Time Capsules, and Blackberry phones are devices that cannot be used on our networks. If these devices have Ethernet connections you can register the device for a wired connection.

Wireless printers cannot be used as a wireless device, they need to be setup using a USB cable in order to print, and the wireless feature of the printer needs to be turned off to prevent interference with the building wireless. ResCom can help you turn off the wireless section of the printer. You will only need to plug in the printer cable when you print. Using a cable with your printer provides reliability.

If your computer cannot connect using wireless, check your computer for a built-in Ethernet port or purchase a USB Ethernet adapter. After establishing that you have an Ethernet adapter, find your address and register for a wired connection.

Penn State Email Setup

Once you are connected to the Internet, you will be able to set up your email.

Residents must use these services appropriately and in compliance with all University, city, county, state, and federal laws and regulations.