Student on laptop.

Wireless Setup

All PSU Campuses have wireless coverage in their residence hall room except for White Course Family Housing* at University Park campus.

Important notes about wireless devices in the residence halls:

  • Use of personal wireless routers or devices that act as routers are not permitted in all wireless buildings
  • Wireless printers, gaming consoles (including hand held), Blackberry and Windows phones, streaming devices like Chromecast will not work with our wireless networks
  • Roku, Apple TV, Time Capsules, and some Nook devices do not have the capabilities to connect to our secured Enterprise wireless networks. Some of these devices may connect to the network by registering your device to use a wired connection but any wireless capabilities of these devices will not work as they would at home.  They will work on a limited capacity through the wired Ethernet connection
  • You need to use a USB printer cable to connect a printer to your computer and you need to turn off the wireless section of your printer to prevent interference with building wide wireless access points used by everyone
  • Connect a gaming console with a wired Ethernet connection

Wireless Setup for All Devices Including Windows 8/10

  1. Make sure you are on campus and you already have a working PSU Access ID and password. (first part of your PSU email address and password)
    Connect your wireless device to "psuwirelesssetup"
    • Important: Macintosh computer users must close the window that automatically opens when connecting to "psuwirelesssetup"
    • Open the Safari browser
    • Type in the address bar
  2. Click on Penn State Wireless
    Click on the words "Click here to get set up for Penn State Wireless"
    The system will auto detect your devices operating system type
    If incorrect, click the drop down box to select the correct one
    Click on "Click Here for Instructions" - Windows users Click on the oval button to download
  3. Follow the step-by-step connection and setup instructions for your device.  You will need to download a config file or software depending on the device to complete the setup process.  Android devices will follow specific step-by-step instructions to complete setup
  4. If your device didn't automatically change your wireless connection to psu, connect to psu wireless then open your browser and test your connection

Visitor Wireless Setup

  1. Connect your wireless device to "attwifi"
  2. Open your devices browser and attempt to connect to a website you want to use
  3. Click "Get Connected" to agree to the Terms of Service
  4. You are now connected.  Test your connection.

Known Wireless Issues

Wireless printers, Streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Apple Time Capsules, Windows phones and Blackberry, some NOOK devices, gaming consoles including handheld cannot connect to PSU wireless. These devices are not capable of connecting using the WPA2 Enterprise security encryption which is needed to communicate over PSU wireless networks

* Residents in these buildings need to register their computer or device for a wired connection in their room preferably before you arrive on campus.  White Course Family Housing is not scheduled for wireless upgrades. Use of personal wireless routers is permitted in these buildings only. ResCom must setup any router connected to the Housing network.  Bring your computer and router to your local ResCom desk for setup during but preferably after Arrival periods.