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Wireless Setup

  • Use of personal wireless routers, hotspots or devices that behave like wireless routers are not permitted to be used by anyone within all residence halls. Use of devices that act as or like a router interfere with existing building wireless and affect many residents not only on your floor but above and below you. Any device seen as a device to connect to other than psu or roomgear or someone's printer should be reported to ResCom in order to get the interference removed.
  • PSU visitors need to use the psu guest Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity.  This service is now available in all residential buildings.
    • To connect, guests will be required to agree to terms and conditions before connecting to the network. Guests will be prompted with this portal when they choose to connect to the guest network or when they are connected to the guest network and attempt to open a browser. A user must connect back to the guest network every 24 hours.

      • If a device cannot display this terms and conditions page, it cannot be connected to the guest network.

  • To connect most types of home devices to the internet (smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) they must be registered and connected to roomgear. See "connecting to the roomgear network" below for more information. 
  • The "psu" wireless network, only used for phones, laptops, and tablets, is the network that keeps you connected in buildings across campus.
  • The "roomgear" network is intended to be available inside the buildings in which it is broadcasted. Service may bleed over into outdoor spaces but the network is not designed to provide that function and performance may be lessened in such areas.   

PSU WIRELESS SETUP FOR Phones, Laptops and Tablets

  1. Make sure you are on campus and you already have a working PSU Access ID and password. (first part of your PSU email address and password)
    Connect your wireless device to "psuwirelesssetup"
    •  Macintosh computer users must close the window that automatically opens when connecting to "psuwirelesssetup"
    • Open the Safari browser
    • Type in the address bar
    • Proceed to step 2
  2. Click on Penn State Wireless
    Click on the words "Click here to get set up for Penn State Wireless"
    The system will auto detect your devices operating system type
    If incorrect, click the drop down box to select the correct one
    Click on "Click Here for Instructions" - Windows users Click on the oval button to download
  3. Follow the step-by-step connection and setup instructions for your device.  You will need to download a config file or software depending on the device to complete the setup process.  Android devices will follow specific step-by-step instructions to complete setup.
  4. If your device didn't automatically change your wireless connection to "psu", connect to "PSU" then open your browser and test your connection.

Connecting (Other Wireless Devices) To The roomgear Network:

  • Devices not able to connect to the "psu" wireless network should be able to connect to roomgear wireless network except for devices that require a "discovery protocol" in order to discover your device. Wireless printers, chromecast, special lighting gear that requires your phone to control cannot be discovered on the wireless network so they will not work. Any device connected to the roomgear network will only work in buildings in which that network is broadcasted. Typically this is used for devices that do not leave your room or the hall areas.
  • Examples of devices for use on roomgear include: gaming consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch, etc.), streaming devices (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick as long as it uses a remote to control it, etc.), smart TVs, smart speakers like Amazon Echo as long as you can find the wireless MAC address in order to register it and you don't use your phone to try and control it. They will work if you speak to them but you cannot control them with your phone.

How To Set Up Your Device On The roomgear Network:

  1. Make sure you find the wireless MAC address for your device before you go to the registration page.
  2. Using your phone or laptop, navigate to the roomgear registration page
  3. Navigate to the roomgear registration page.
  4. Click "Register your roomgear here," and proceed to the next page.
  5. Enter a device name so you may easily identify your device later.
  6. Enter your previously found wireless MAC address.
  7. Click "Create Device".
  8. Using your wireless network settings on your device, select the roomgear network for connection. Your device should now be able to operate using the roomgear wireless network.
    • If you still can't get connected please double check the MAC address you entered during registration. Your device will not work properly if the address is wrong.
  9. If you are having trouble finding your device's wireless MAC address bring the device down to your area's ResCom desk or campus computer support desk. 

Wireless printing

Wireless printers will not work in the residence halls the way they would work on your home network. ResCom recommends that a resident use a USB wired connection between their computer and printer for reliable printing. As other cloud printing solutions become available and have been tested on our networks, we will provide that information on this site.