Student on laptop.

Wired Room Connection

Whether you are a new or returning resident, you will want to set up your computer as soon as you can. Your computer will need to meet configuration requirements.

Wireless service is available in all residence halls, except for White Course Family Housing at University Park. The wireless setup page has instructions to setup your wireless devices.

Residents living in non-wireless buildings need to register for a wired room connection. Registration is only needed for a wired connection.

To set up a wired connection in the residence halls:

Gaming Machines

New Resident / New Computer

Follow the instructions below based upon your computer's operating system. If you don't see the operating system, contact the ResCom Office in your housing area.

Returning Resident / Same Computer

If you are using the same computer you used last semester, your previously registered MAC address will be displayed so you can register that address again this semester. If there is no address or you are registering a different device for an existing wired connection, find the address of your new device and use that MAC address during registration. You can only have one registered connection so you must drop a current connection before you can submit a registration for a new connection.