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Router Setup

University Networking Polices

University networking policies do not allow sharing your wired or wireless network with anyone, including friends, family, and roommates. Using your computer as a hotspot connection to the Housing network is also not allowed. While a router can be convenient, it also creates security and interference concerns.

Wireless networks are inherently insecure, and personal wireless routers and printers interfere with Penn State’s wireless network. This interference makes service slower and less reliable for everyone around you—even students on other floors. Using PSU’s wireless network, and not your own, will decrease your risk of identity theft or computer hacking, and it will improve wireless reliability and speed for everyone.

University Park Residence Halls and Undergraduate Apartments

Wireless has been installed in all University Park residence hall buildings and White Course Undergraduate Apartments. Residents can now use PSU wireless in their residence hall rooms, apartments, and around campus.

If you live in a wireless building and need more than one wired connection, you may use a wired router as a personal router. It’s important that you don’t use your own wireless because it will interfere with PSU wireless. Visit your assigned ResCom helpdesk with your computer and router for assistance with your wired room connection setup.

Graduate and Family White Course Apartments

If you live in the White Course Graduate and Family Apartments at University Park a router can be set up with your wired room connection. Please contact ResCom for setup of your personal wireless router.

Commonwealth Campuses

Wireless has also been installed at all Commonwealth Campus locations. If you live at a Commonwealth Campus, check with your campus computer support group to see their policies about allowing routers.