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Residence Hall Wifi

All University Park, except  White Course Family Housing*, and Commonwealth Campus residence halls have wireless coverage in their room.

Important notes about wireless devices in the residence halls:

  • Use of personal wireless routers are not permitted in wireless buildings
  • Wired only routers are permitted in wireless buildings at University Park. Wireless routers must have the wireless capabilities of the router disabled.  All University Park routers must be setup by ResCom according to University policies. Commonwealth campus residents need to check with their computer support desk about router policies on their campus.
  • Wireless printers, gaming consoles (including hand held), Windows and Blackberry phones, streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, wireless portions of Apple TV or Time Capsules, and some Nook devices do not have the capabilities to connect to our secured Enterprise wireless networks. Some may be connected using a wired connection.
  • Use a USB printer cable to connect a printer to your computer and the wireless capability of your wireless printer must be turned off
  • Connect a gaming console with a wired Ethernet connection

Wireless setup instructions can be found by following the Getting Connected link on the ResCom home page.

* White Course Family Housing is not scheduled for wireless upgrades. Use of personal wireless routers is permitted in these buildings only. ResCom must setup your router when you bring your computer and router to your local ResCom desk for setup during or after Arrival periods