Rescom student employee.

ResCom Services

ResCom is here to help residents that live on campus with your computer needs. You can get immediate assistance by calling or stopping by one of our three help-desks on campus. If we can't resolve your issue right away, we'll set up an appointment to come to your residence or sign in your equipment to work on it in-house. Contact us by phone or stop by one of our help-desks.

Appointment and Service Policies

  • Be on time.
    We schedule appointments on the quarter hour (i.e. 4:15, 5:15, 11:15). If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will cancel your appointment and you'll need to reschedule. ResCom will attempt to contact you by phone before cancelling the appointment if we have your phone number on file.
  • Please meet the technician at the helpdesk.
    One of our techs will meet you at the helpdesk where you scheduled your appointment. A tech must be escorted to and from your room to fix your problem at your scheduled time.
  • Have a neat workspace available for the tech to work.
    Please have the work area clean and accessible.
  • Keep the door open.
    As a ResCom policy we require that your room door be propped open at all times during the appointment.
  • Stay in the room.
    For liability reasons, we require that you stay in the room as long as the tech is there.
  • Have your computer ready for the tech to work on.
    Please have your computer completely ready for the tech. This will ensure the most efficient use of the tech's time. If you have brand new equipment it needs to already be unboxed, setup or ready for installation prior to the appointment.

In-House Repair Policies

  • Typical turn around time can be as little as 3 hours and other repairs may take 24-48 hours. You can call or stop by the desk anytime to check on the status.
  • Bring your power adapter needed to run your computer or device in case the battery doesn't last long enough to complete the repair.
  • Bring all original software media and CD keys needed for the repair such as MS Windows, Office or other software you want installed. ResCom cannot accept copies of copyrighted software. Software for equipment device drivers, Flash, Adobe Reader that is downloadable for anyone will be downloaded and installed as needed.
  • The resident is responsible for all data backup. When you bring your computer in for a reformat or virus repair make sure there is nothing on the computer you need to keep. ResCom cannot backup your data according to University policy. ResCom can assist by explaining how to accomplish backups before signing your device in for service.
  • We can install any part that a manufacturer may send you to install yourself. An example: a keyboard, memory, hard drive or battery for a typical laptop. Some Macintosh laptops are uni-body designed making replacing simple components impossible without taking the whole computer apart. In these cases you will need to send your device to the manufacturer for repair.
  • During the course of repair ResCom may discover hardware issues that cannot be fixed through our normal troubleshooting and we will notify you of the need to contact the manufacturer for in or out of warranty repair. ResCom can provide a copy of our documented troubleshooting for convenience.
  • When you are contacted to pick up your equipment please come get your equipment right away. We are limited on how many computers we can work on and someone may be waiting for service when we have room.
  • ResCom cannot store resident equipment during breaks or between semesters.

Liquid Spills on Devices

If liquid is spilled on your personal device, turn it off immediately, disconnect any power adapters or accessories. If possible, remove the battery. The only way to salvage devices that have had water or other liquid spilled on them is remove any power through the device especially the battery.

ResCom cannot offer much assistance on water damaged devices. It is best to contact the device manufacturer for assistance with water or liquid damage. Liquid damage more than likely is not covered by a manufacturer warranty unless your agreement specifically states it will cover such incidents. Some manufacturers void your entire warranty because of a liquid spill on your computer. Check with your manufacturer for further information.

Drops and other Accidents

If your device is failing from being dropped, stepped on, or other misuse, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer for specific information on what your warranty covers and how they could repair your device.