Student on laptop.

General Tips

ResCom is here to help starting from day one when you move in and set up your computer. Throughout the semester, you can also contact us if you have questions or need technical support. Below you’ll find some helpful links for setting up your computer, troubleshooting, and keeping your computer safe from viruses.

Computer Setup

Room Connection
Email Programs


Network Connection
Virus Resources– Free Symantec Antivirus
Spyware and popups
Locked Out?

Data Storage

The UDrive, a service provided by Penn State ITS, gives you extra data storage space that you can access from residence halls, computer labs, and anywhere off campus. With the UDrive you can also transfer data back and forth without CDs or zip disks.
Connect to the UDrive

Copyright Issues

File sharing programs can have legitimate uses for sharing non-copyrighted information, but downloading and sharing copyrighted music or materials without express written permission of the copyright holder is illegal in state and federal courts. It is also against University policies. If you choose to install one or more of these programs on your computer, follow ResCom guidelines.

Learn more about copyright infringement and ITS copyright policy.