Student on laptop

Computer Requirements

Students can use any brand computer to connect to the Penn State wireless network in their room. All devices used in the residence hall room are required to connect wirelessly. Penn State recommends that students register the devices they plan to use in their room on the roomgear network (MAC address will need to be registered).  Any mobile devices will need to be configured to use the "psu" wireless network when students leave their room.  

All supported versions of Windows and Mac OS are able to be used on the roomgear network.

Wired Ethernet ports have been phased out in Residential rooms.  Students need to plan on using wireless for network connectivity on all devices.  Note:  Not all wireless devices will work on the Penn State wireless networks.

Recommended items to bring for your computer:

  • All software needed to reinstall your computer back to factory installation. Make sure you have all the activation keys for your software.
  • A predetermined method of periodically backing up your system. Some students purchase and use an external hard drive for backup while others purchase a subscription based backup solution on line.
  • Warranty information about your system
  • A power strip with a built-in surge protector
  • Computer access passwords
  • Cables: Power, audio, etc.