A close up of a person looking at the Penn State ABS Jobs Facebook on a mobile phone.

A&BS Launches New Facebook Page to Promote Job Opportunities

Finding a new job with Penn State's Auxiliary & Business Services just got easier, with the launch of a new Facebook page: Penn State A&BS Jobs. Facebook users who "like" the page will be able to see available positions within A&BS on their newsfeed.

"This eliminates the need to log onto the PSU Jobs website daily," says Curtis Weisner, A&BS Human Resources. "We hope to tap into our current employees as well as the broader community-- having those individuals share positions to family and friends--to increase awareness of what we have available. We want to focus our search on individuals who aren't necessarily actively searching for a job."

Currently, the A&BS Jobs page posts full-time technical service vacancies, as well as certain full-time staff vacancies. The page will also feature informational articles and tips for interviewing techniques and resume and cover letter writing.

"We would like this page to benefit not only our department with great candidates, but also to help people in their job searches--at Penn State and beyond," Weisner says. "If a high school or college student can get a tip about dressing for an interview, that's great. It's not all about what the page can do for us, but what we can do to help others as well."

Find Penn State A&BS Jobs at https://www.facebook.com/psu.absjobs?fref=ts.